UX Improvements

When you click on Fairing Post-Purchase Surveys in your Shopify apps section, you'll now notice that we open a new window and no longer load in the Shopify iframe. We made this adjustment for a few reasons: users were experiencing strange log-in errors mainly due to how authentication was happening, we want to give you more screen real-estate, and we'll soon be supporting usernames and accounts so you can access Fairing without being logged in to Shopify. More information here! ➑️ πŸ–₯


Improvements to Question Responses Page

We made a few minor tweaks to your responses page to now include date + time as well as updated spacing. We also made it clear that the order totals on this page are in USD.

The date & time utilize your browsers location so data on this page is viewed in your local timezone.



Do you access your EnquireLabs dashboard on your mobile device? If so, great news! We've added mobile styles to both the Question Stream, analytics, and responses page. πŸ“±πŸ’―