Update to Google Tag Manager

We've updated our Google Tag Manager integration and now display GTM as it's own integration. We've enabled GTM on all accounts–if you're not using the integration you can simply toggle it off.


Consistent Export Column Order

We've updated how we handle response exports so the column order is consistent. The below is the new order of all exports. We'll be rolling this update out to all users over the next few weeks.


Open-Ended Question Response Rates

We now calculate the response rate of your opened-ended questions. To view your response rate, simply click Analytics next to the question. To review responses, click Responses on the following Analytics page.


Klaviyo Integration Update

Klaviyo and Fairing together just got better – we now add your question response data to your Klaviyo account as profile activity. This mean you get richer response data directly in Klaviyo. You'll see your responses under the activity name Fairing: Responded to Question. You can now correlate specific responses to orders (i.e. "Who is this order for?" is related to order information and doesn't belong on a customer profile).


Multi-Currency Support

At signup, users now have the option to set their account currency. The currency selected will be in analytics and reporting. For Shopify users, it should match the currency selected in their Shopify Admin.


Introducing Questions & Responses API Endpoints

We are excited to announce the release of our Questions and Responses API endpoints! With the release of these two endpoints, you can request question and response data directly from our API. This is great news for you, our customers, and technology partners who've been relying on us to build custom integrations.


Timezone Support

We now display your Question Stream Analytics & Responses in your local timezone! You can update your timezone, by clicking Account and changing the Time Zone dropdown. Previously, your Question Stream Analytics were displayed in UTC time. With this update, your Question Stream analytics will better match your Shopify order count.


Create a Full-Page Takeover

We updated the code that powers your Question Stream to allow for even more advanced customization. You can now create full page takeovers with your Question Stream.


UX Improvements

When you click on Fairing Post-Purchase Surveys in your Shopify apps section, you'll now notice that we open a new window and no longer load in the Shopify iframe. We made this adjustment for a few reasons: users were experiencing strange log-in errors mainly due to how authentication was happening, we want to give you more screen real-estate, and we'll soon be supporting usernames and accounts so you can access Fairing without being logged in to Shopify. More information here! ➡️ 🖥


New Integration: TripleWhale

We're excited to officially announce our TripleWhale integration! Upon connecting your Enquire data to Triple Whale, you will be able to have a centralized dashboard for all of your attribution data to help increase your ROI on ad spend. TripleWhale will allow your ecommerce store to understand your attribution ecosystem and nail down tricky metrics.