UX Improvements

When you click on Fairing Post-Purchase Surveys in your Shopify apps section, you'll now notice that we open a new window and no longer load in the Shopify iframe. We made this adjustment for a few reasons: users were experiencing strange log-in errors mainly due to how authentication was happening, we want to give you more screen real-estate, and we'll soon be supporting usernames and accounts so you can access Fairing without being logged in to Shopify. More information here! ➡️ 🖥


New Integration: TripleWhale

We're excited to officially announce our TripleWhale integration! Upon connecting your Enquire data to Triple Whale, you will be able to have a centralized dashboard for all of your attribution data to help increase your ROI on ad spend. TripleWhale will allow your ecommerce store to understand your attribution ecosystem and nail down tricky metrics.

New Pricing Model

With Question Stream now available for all stores, we are announcing our updated plans & pricing! We've moved from feature-based to volume-based pricing, each plans now provides you access to ALL features including clarification questions, full data exports and all integrations. Our new plans incentivize learning more about your customers, and applying that knowledge more effectively.


Allow raw HTML in Thank You message

When a customer completes all the questions in your Question Stream, you can show them a "Success Message". Now you can add links, images, as the field supports raw HTML!


Question Stream Official Launch

We are excited to announce that Question Stream is now available for all of our shops! Question Stream takes individual, isolated surveys and turns them into an always-on data source; a string of persistent questions whose responses plug into business decisions. Here are a few things you can now do with this new feature:


Allow Export of Clarification Questions

We now allow you to export the responses to your clarification questions along with your initial question with one click of the button!

Introducing Question Bank

With Question Stream available in beta and the opportunity to ask multiple questions, we are now introducing to you our Question Bank!


Question Stream Beta Improvements

Over the past couple months, we've made major improvements to our newest feature Question Stream. Although it is still in private beta, we are making extraordinary progress and we are excited to get this out to all customers within the next few months. Here are some of the updates we have:


Question Stream Beta Launch

Question Stream is now in private beta testing! This new feature, which will soon to be a staple at Fairing, will change the way you converse with your customers. Think of Question Stream as an always on data source, akin to your Google Analytics data. Here are a few things you can now do with this new feature:


New Integration: Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Our Google Tag Manager integration is officially live! To enable your response data to be pushed to the GTM data layer, simply enable our Google Analytics integration.