Question Stream Beta Improvements

Over the past couple months, we've made major improvements to our newest feature Question Stream. Although it is still in private beta, we are making extraordinary progress and we are excited to get this out to all customers within the next few months. Here are some of the updates we have:

1.) Load time improvements for the Question Stream Dashboard

Our engineers crafted up 2 new indexes for the Analytics and Responses page! What will this do? This will speed up the time your analytics and responses show up on your page no matter how much data or how big of a date range you are trying to load.

2.) Updated Analytics Page to click into Clarification Questions

We now have a cleaner look and more intuitive way of looking at the analytics and responses of your follow-up questions. Responses and analytics are now nested in the responses to your initial questions, therefore, to view the responses and analytics you can simply click the response link on the Analytics page of your initial question that contains a follow-up. See here for more information!

3.) Improvements to Question Stream Response Export

We have now made it more efficient to export your response data into a CSV file! See here for more information.