Question Stream Official Launch

We are excited to announce that Question Stream is now available for all of our shops! Question Stream takes individual, isolated surveys and turns them into an always-on data source; a string of persistent questions whose responses plug into business decisions. Here are a few things you can now do with this new feature:

1.) Ask multiple questions

By asking multiple questions, you can gain insight not only into attribution, but conduct customer research, segmentation, CRO, etc.!

2.) Follow your customer with questions in their next purchase

By having multiple questions in your Question Stream, this will allow you to have an ongoing conversation in their future purchases. If a customer leaves midway through the Stream, no worries because the question they left on will be shown the next time they purchase (depending on question settings)!

3.) Target how frequently you ask a specific question

You can now choose how often you want to show each specific question! You can either always ask a question or ask a question until the customer answers it. This will avoid the issue of unnecessary redundancy for a question if they have already answered a question!

How does it work?
We didn't call Question Stream “multi-question surveys” because Question Stream is inherently different. The stream builds your customer’s lifetime journey, always maintaining alignment with the rest of your marketing and operating stack so that the data is actionable at the right time.

To learn more, visit our documentation.