Response Reclassification

Clean up response data with Response Reclassification.

Response Classification allows you to clean up your response data enabling you to extract more accurate insights by moving your 'Other' data into an existing response option. Consumers often write in responses that already exist on your response option list - reclassification allows you to aggregate and structure that data.

To reclassify a response, click the pen icon to the left of a response while in the 'Responses' tab. After reclassifying a response, we store the original response as a reference along with the new value and update your analytics to reflect the new value. For example, if 'My mom' is reclassified to 'Friends and Family' - your 'Other' response count number will drop by 1 in analytics and 'Friends or Family' will increase by 1 for response count in your analytics.

This feature is available for all question types except the Date question type.

This feature is the first step in a multi-step initiative to improve accuracy of response data. More to come in the following months!