Must export responses for all fields!

The responses page only presents you the order number, response, referral source/medium, total USD and date. To see all available fields, you must click Export Responses. See Exporting Your Data for more information.


This column represents the order number in relation to the response.


This column consists of the responses given by your customers ordered from newest to oldest.

Referral Source/Medium

If a referral source is available, it'll be in the export! When there isn't a referral source but there is a UTM, we'll show that. For example, if an order has no referral source (i.e. direct / none), but we do have UTMs of utm_source = and utm_medium = paid social we display those.

Total USD

This column is the total of the order related to the response in US Dollars. We are currently working on a solution for you to choose the currency we display in!


This column is a timestamp of when the response was recorded by the customer. In the export, this field is represented by "Response Provided At".