Randomize Response Options

Remove order bias by randomizing response options.

What Is Order Bias

In the field of survey science, scientists and methodologists collectively agree that the order in which responses are presented can have a large effect on the output of the survey. Responses higher up in your responses have the potential to influence users to choose a certain response(s). To solve for this bias, it is recommended that you randomize the order in which options are displayed to your customers.

Randomizing Your Responses

On both Single Response and Multi-Response question types, you have the option to randomize your response options. To do so, on the question edit page, locate the "Randomize Order of Responses" section and click "Randomize display of order responses".


Randomize Question Stream survey response options.

Randomizing Your Responses on Follow-up Questions

To randomize your Response Clarification follow-up question options, toggle the "Randomize Responses" checkbox when setting up your follow up.


Randomize Response Options