Google Sheets

A how-to guide to sending your Question Stream response data to a Google Sheet via Shopify Flow.


Be sure to enable Flow on your Fairing Integrations Page!

To start, enable Shopify Flow in the Fairing app, click "Integrations," find Shopify Flow, and click "Connect." Once enabled, we will send a payload to Shopify Flow whenever someone submits a survey response.

If you'd like to analyze your Question Stream responses in a Google Sheet and want to automatically populate the sheet with real-time responses follow the below instructions. You can also download the Shopify Flow template here.

Create A New Workflow

If you haven't already installed Shopify Flow, you can do so via the Shopify App Store. To note, Shopify Flow is currently only available to Shopify Plus merchants.

Once you've installed Flow, get started creating a new workflow with Fairing Post-Purchase Surveys as your trigger.

After selecting New Survey Response, click Action.


Select Action

On the following screen, select Show under Get More Actions and scroll down to locate Google Sheets for Shopify Flow.


Select Show under Get More Actions


Select Google Sheets

Connect Shopify Flow To Your Google Account

After clicking Google Sheets for Shopify Flow, a new screen will appear where you'll can authorize Google Sheets for Flow access to your Google account.


Click Connect

Select the desired Google account.


Select your Google Account

And allow Shopify Flow access to write to your Google Sheets.


Authorize Shopify

Now that you've connected your Google Account, you can close the below window and click back to the window with your Shopify Flow set up.


Close Window

Add Action - Add row to spreadsheet

Now that you've authorized Shopify Flow access to your Google account, you can continue building out your workflow. Next, click "Add row to spreadsheet" action. If the button isn't clickable, you'll need to refresh the page.


Click add row to spreadsheet.

Create Google Sheet

On the next screen, Shopify Flow will ask for the URL you wish to send Question Stream responses to. You can use this template.

Copy the URL and Tab name of the Google Sheet into the Add row to spreadsheet Action form.


Setup up Google Sheet


Don't use {{orderTotal}}!!

For the time being, use the {{order.totalReceivedSet.shopMoney.amount}} variable to push the order total instead of {{orderTotal}}!

In the Row contents input box, copy the below. You can also manually build your columns, by clicking "Add a variable" located on the bottom right of the input box.

{{question | replace: ",", ""}},
{{response | replace: ",", ""}},


Fix For Commas Breaking Google Sheets

If your question or response has a comma, Shopify's Flow integration will separate the data into two columns. Use the below syntax to fix this issue:

{{response | replace: ",", ""}}

Title Your Workflow & Enable


Re-title Shopify Flow


Turn on Shopify Flow