User Accounts

Our User Accounts feature is all about access. When utilizing User Accounts you can access your Fairing account via and no longer have to login via Shopify. User Accounts also lets you invite team members to your account as well as access multiple Fairing accounts.

Creating an Account

To utilize User Accounts, you'll first need to create an account. You can do so by clicking the Members tab in your Fairing dashboard and clicking Create Account. After you've submitted your Name, Email, and Job Role, check your email for a link to confirm your account.


We use magic links for authentication. Magic links are a type of passwordless login that allow you to log into your account by clicking on a link that's emailed to you. With Magic Links you don't create a password.

To log-in, simply go to and enter your email. If you have an account, we'll email you a link that will automatically log you in.


Fairing Login Screen

Inviting Members

After you've confirmed your account and have logged in via the magic link, you can start inviting team members. To do so, click the Members nav item, then Invite on the following screen. After you submit a team member's email, they'll receive a link to join your account.


Multi-Account Access

If you have multiple storefronts or are an agency/consultant with access to multiple brands, you can use User Accounts to easily access all your accounts. Simply look for an arrow next to your account name after you've been invited.

If you don't see the account drop-down, but have been invited to multiple accounts, make sure you've logged in via the magic link and not Shopify.


Multi-store access