Send your Fairing response data to TikTok.

The basis for Fairing's TikTok integration is the Fairing x TikTok Ad Incentive Program. TikTok's measurement team understands the value of attribution survey data and thus is offering an ad incentive to brands interested in sharing their Fairing data.

The basics of this program are simple: on any Fairing plan, set up your Fairing TikTok API integration, and get $5k in ad credits from TikTok if you’re spending >$10k/wk. Brands spending less can also receive ad credits. For more information message us [email protected]


Fairing's TikTok API integration is purpose built to only expose response data that is relevant to TikTok.

TikTok API Integration

The intelligence behind our TikTok API integration feeds response data from a question of your choosing (i.e. your primary attribution question), provided that response contains “TikTok” or a close variation on it. Any other response will not be sent, nor will any response data be sent from other questions in your stream. All of this was built with a concerted focus on data minimization and privacy by design.

The following properties are shared via the integration:

  • customer_id
  • id
  • inserted_at
  • order_currency_code
  • order_id
  • order_number
  • order_total
  • order_total_usd
  • question
  • question_id
  • question_type
  • referring_site
  • response ("TikTok", if not response is redacted with "*")
  • response_id
  • response_provided_at
  • updated_at
  • utm_campaign
  • utm_content
  • utm_medium
  • utm_source
  • utm_term

Setting Up Your TikTok Integration

To enable the integration, click on your Integrations tab and locate TikTok. Click Connect.


TikTok integrations page

Locate your Attribution question (it's typically a version of How did you hear about us?), and click save.


After hitting save, Fairing will generate a TikTok-specific API key. Copy that API key into the TikTok intake form to receive your ad credit.