Setting up and launching your Question Stream on your Shopify store.

This page will help you set up your Fairing post-purchase Question Stream™. Most customers are up and running in less than 10 minutes. If you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us in the chat or schedule an onboarding session.

🚀 Getting started

Create a new account here or install us directly from Shopify's App Store. After clicking install, you'll be prompted to authorize our access to your store. We've provided further documentation on which permissions we request in our Under The Hood documentation. After installation, you'll be prompted to input your contact information and select a pricing plan.

⚙️ Installation

We work out-of-the-box for all Shopify plans from Basic to Plus (Fairing is a Shopify Plus Certified app). Some users on Shopify Plus who have highly customized order confirmation pages may be required to select a location for their survey, but that is quite rare.

📝 Setting Up Your Question Stream™

After installing Fairing and choosing your plan, you'll begin our onboarding process where you can built your Question Stream. You can bypass our builder and get started by simply selecting New Question. The following page is where you'll choose the question type and responses, as well as select the specific toggles available on your question.

👀 Preview Your Question Stream™

Once you're happy with your initial configuration, save the changes by clicking Save Question at the bottom. You can now click Preview next to your question in the Question Stream™ tab to preview your survey. To display your preview, we embed your survey on your latest Shopify order. If it's not appearing, view our Previewing Your Survey documentation for more information.

📈 Go Live

Setting your questions live is as simple as clicking the toggle on the right of your question. Once you've toggled your question to active, click Analytics to view your question analytics. Your survey is displayed on your order confirmation page which is accessible via your Order and Shipping Confirmation emails, so you may see responses immediately from orders placed prior to enabling your survey.

💬 Analyze

To access your survey analytics and responses, click the Question Stream™ tab on the top left, then click on Analytics. The following page displays your response rate and a table of survey responses as they compare to total volume and AOV. To view individual responses, click the Responses tab. On this page you can also export your responses to CSV.


If you get stuck or have any specific questions, use the chat widget on the bottom right and we'll be happy to assist. Alternatively, please shoot us an email @ [email protected].

We're excited you're here! 💙