Google Sheets Extension

The Fairing Google Sheets extension allows you to sync your Fairing response data with Google Sheets.

The Fairing Data Sync Google Sheets extension enables you to easily pull your Fairing data directly into a Google Sheet for further analysis and joining with other data sources.


Step 1: Install Fairing Data Sync

  1. Visit the Google App Marketplace here

Step 2: Activate the Extension

  1. Select 'Extensions' from the Google Sheets Header
  2. Select 'Fairing Data Sync'
  3. Select 'Sync'

Step 3: Insert your API Key

  1. You will find your API Key on your Fairing Account page under 'Secret Token'
  2. Select Save

Step 4: Configure Export

  1. You have the option to select the question, date range, and columns

Step 5: Load Responses

  1. Select 'Load' to retrieve your response data!


Multiple Question Retrieval

In this version of the extension, you can only load one question at once. We will add the ability to fetch respones for multiple questions simultaneously in the near future!