Send events to Segment when you receive Question Stream responses.

Segment is a popular Customer Data Platform (CDP) used by over 25,000 businesses to "collect, clean, and activate their data".

How it works

When your customer answers a question, we send the following payload to your Segment account. This data can then be sent to your data warehouse for further analysis and integration.

  "type": "track",
  "event": "Fairing: Responded to Question",
  "userId": customer_id,
  "properties": {
    available_responses: available_responses,
    clarification_question: clarification_question,
    order_id: order_id,
    other: other,
    question: question,
    question_id: question_id,
    referring_question: referring_question,
    referring_question_id: referring_question_id,
    referring_question_response: referring_question_response,
    response: other && other_response || response,
    response_id: response_id

Set Up

To enable your Fairing Segment integration, follow the steps in the below video: