Shopify Checkout Extensibility

Use the Fairing app block in Shopify Checkout Extensions.

Checkout app extensions make it easy for developers to extend their app code into checkout and customize many aspects of the checkout experience. Shopify provides the tools and resources for building checkout UI extensions on the checkout steps, post-purchase page, and thank you and order status pages.


Checkout Extensibility Availability

Shopify Checkout Extensibility is only available for Shopify Plus merchants at the moment. Stay tuned for updates on general availability.


Checkout Extensibility & Incompatible Integrations

Please note that Fairing's integration with Rockerbox is not compatible with Checkout Extensibility. Once you enable Checkout Extensibility for your shop, your Rockerbox integration will no longer send any event data.

Add Fairing App Block

Once you have opted in to Checkout Extensibility, go to Shopify >> Settings >> Checkout >> Checkout Customization and click Customize.

Shopify Checkout Settings

Shopify Checkout Settings

The Fairing app block is available on both the Thank You Page (initial checkout) and Order Status page. You need to configure and add the app block on each page separately.

Once on either the Thank You or Order Status page, click 'Add app block' in the bottom left of the Checkout Extensibility Section editor panel. Fairing will appear as an available app block if you are an existing customer. If not already a customer, you can browse the Shopify App Store (bottom left of editor) and install Fairing from there.

Fairing App Block

Fairing App Block

Once added, you can rearrange the order of the different blocks within your Order details section. We recommend putting Fairing above the Order status block to increase your response rate.


After adding the Fairing app block, on the right side, you can see a preview of the different question types available in Fairing. You can 'respond' to the questions shown, no data will be captured, this is just a preview to get a feel for Fairing.

Success Message

To configure the success message shown at the end of the Fairing Question Stream, first click on the Fairing app block. Once in the Fairing app block settings, you can add a Success Message Title and additional content below. In order to preview the success message, toggle the Preview success message section to 'True.' When 'False' is selected, you will see the Fairing question preview shown above in the video.

Success Message

Configure Success Message

You must configure a success message for both the Thank You and Order Status page separately. Before navigating between the two different pages, make sure to click 'Save' and return to the Checkout Extensibility Sections by clicking the back button. The left side panel will become out of sync with the page you are on on the right side if you switch pages without returning to the Sections list and re-clicking on the Fairing app block.

Save Success Message

Save Success Message

Note: If you also have a success message configured in the Fairing app, the Checkout Extensibility success message will always take precedent (even if left blank).