Question Bank

One-click add questions to your Question Stream.

Question Bank is an integrated pool of questions to help craft your Question Stream™. The questions in the bank have been reviewed by a survey methodologist for accuracy and are written to reduce bias.


1. Access the Question Bank

In your dashboard header, click the Question Bank tab.

2. Select A Question

From the Question Bank, select one question. Upon clicking a question a template will appear to outline more context and suggested formatting (e.g. response-clarifiers, audience targeting, frequency).

3. Add to Question Stream

In the top right corner, click Add to Question Stream. From here, you can further review and edit the question template.

4. Save Question

When the question is set to your preference, select Save Question at the bottom of the page.

5. Toggle On The Question

Questions added from the bank default to an off position. Click the right-side toggle to activate the question on your confirmation page!