Creating & Editing Questions

Question Stream™ enables you to ask four different types of questions: single response, multi-response, open-ended and date response.

With Question Stream™, you can now ask four different question types: single response, multi-response, open-ended, and date response.


Question Stream supports four different types of questions.

Adding A New Question

To add a new question to your Question Stream. Simply click "New Question" on your Question Stream page.


Add a new question to your question stream.

Types of Questions

Single Response

A single response question forces the customer to make one choice. You can add Response Clarification (2-step) follow-up questions to this question type.


Single Response Question Example


A multi-response question allows the customer to submit multiple choices.


Multi-response Question Example


An open-ended response allows the customer to write in their own response.


Open-ended question example

Date Response

The date response let's you capture dates. Today, we offer two different date types, Month and Day allows you to simply capture just that and Full Date allows you to capture Month, day, year – you can select the type on the date question edit screen. Months are translated to the local browsers language.


Birthdate Campaigns in Klaviyo

We pass date responses to Klaviyo in the correct format to trigger date flows. For more information on building a birthdate flow in Klaviyo, view their documentation.


The Full Date user experience utilizes drop-downs to capture month and day and a text box for year.


Full date example

The Month and Day user experience simply utilizes a drop down for Month and Day.


Month and day example

Question Description

When creating or editing a question, you can add a Question Description below the question text. To do so, simply click "Add Description". This functionality can be used to provide additional context to your customers, offer incentives, and more.

The below is an example question with description.