Daasity is a database as a service.

Daasity is a database as a service. They aggregate all your data sources, removing data silos, and allowing you to actually create a competitive advantage against your competitors. If you don't have an in-house data science team, we highly recommend them.

Integration Details

Our integration with Daasity allows you to send real-time Question Stream response data to your Daasity account for enhanced reporting. Combine responses with other data sources within Daasity for reporting bliss!

Dan, Daasity's CEO, has outlined in the below video how to set up Fairing in your Daasity account.

To activate Daasity within your Fairing dashboard, click Integrations and find the Daasity integration. Click Connect and paste your Daasity access token into the input field. Click Save.

On the following screen, click Turn on to activate the integration.


Daasity integrations.

More information can be found in Daasity's documentation.