Optimizing Your Survey

We track our customers' completion rate frequently to set you up for success.

The higher your survey completion rate, the more valuable your response data becomes as you can make fewer assumptions extrapolating your survey completion rate to 100%. Therefore, we track completion rates quite frequently and are actively working to help you increase yours.

Across all brands using Fairing, our average survey completion rate is 50%. The below histogram provides a better representation of our survey completion rate dataset, with most of our customers falling between 54-58%. (The graph below includes merchants who’ve had > 1000 views in the past 90 days).

Typical culprits of lower response rates are pop-ups on your order confirmation pages and scripts that affect our survey load time. Find more information on how you can optimize your survey below.


To increase your survey completion rate, we recommend focusing on the below:

  • Improve your survey load time by reducing the number of third party scripts running on your confirmation page—additional analysis on load time available here.
  • Remove any pop-ups. This includes referral signups, email captures, etc., that get in the way of the user immediately viewing your survey.
  • There is a .14 correlation between the number of answer choices and your survey completion rate. * Given this weak correlation, we recommend setting your survey up as you like. Additional info on response length available here.
  • We’re aware that some survey completion incentives could negatively impact the accuracy of your survey (i.e., offering discounts). As we continue to research their impacts, we currently recommend staying away from those.