An overview of Question Stream™.

Question Stream is a reinvention of traditional isolated surveys. It functions similar to a multi-question survey with one key improvement–your stream feeds each question to the customer over time, based on rules you program. For example, if a customer doesn’t answer a question on their first order, depending on your setup, they can receive that same question again to present another chance for them to respond.


Technical Explanation

Each of your customers has a unique, dynamic list of questions accessible through the Fairing application. As your order confirmation page loads or once they've submitted a response, we generate the next appropriate question from your stream. This might be their last unanswered question or a follow-up one, but it's always tailored specifically to the customer based on the criteria rules they meet.

Publish vs Unpublish Questions

Published questions are shown to customers, while unpublished questions are not.

To publish a question, toggle the question 'on' (green).

Published Question

Published Question

To unpublish a question, toggle the question 'off' (grey).

Unpublished Question

Unpublished Question

Archive Questions

Archive questions to de-clutter your Question Stream.

How to Archive a Question

To archive a question, open the menu on the right-hand side of the question you would like to archive and select Archive. If the question is unpublished, your question will immediately be moved to the Archive feed. If the question is published, you will be asked to confirm the archive action before the question is moved to the Archive feed. To access your Archive feed, click the 'Archive' hyperlink on the upper right of your Question Stream, below 'New Question.'

Restoring a Question

To restore a question previously archived, first access your Archive feed and then click 'Restore' on the question you would like to restore. The restored question will move back to your Question Stream at the bottom of your question list.

Question Ordering

The order of your question list is the chronological order your customers will experience. You can re-order your questions list by hovering over the left hand column and dragging each question to your desired order.

Question Stream Ordering

Question Stream Ordering